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Marilyn Monroe's Sexiest Beauty Secret

With curves that stretched for miles, ruby-red lips, and an inexplicable mystique, we can all agree that Marilyn Monroe is the greatest movie icon to ever live. Movie directors, Playboy magazine, biographies, heck, even Andy Warhol have tried to capture the secret to her allure.

Well, I am going to propose that there was one often-overlooked aspect that Marilyn Monroe always possessed—perhaps key to her image more than her husky voice or her elaborate makeup and fashion.

It is simply this: Marilyn Monroe effectively executed a seductive walk with a hip shimmy that one can’t help but ask, “How did she do that?” The answer might surprise you—and I am here to tell you.

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A Few Of Her Favorite Things: Marilyn Monroe

Do you share some favorite things with the inimitable Marilyn Monroe

She was a truly a mysterious woman, and one who has enchanted generations of cinephiles. Behind her alluring image, Marilyn Monroe seemed to be a kind, gentle woman (don’t miss the story of her encounter with a gas station attendant), not to mention incredibly intelligent (the books Marilyn Monroe kept on her library shelf might shock you!).

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Classic Hollywood Guide to Amazon's Bestselling Products

To see what is trending in fashion and beauty you can read your favorite blog or style magazine. Or, if you are curious to see what people are actually buying (not what fashion editors or simply talking about, but what is actually selling) you can go straight to the store -- the Amazon store that is.

I love browsing their Top Sellers section. I find face lotions and curling irons I never knew existed. And because they are massively popular (which usually means good review) I know just about every single one of them is a safe bet. So far this strategy hasn't done me wrong.

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Looking for Love this Valentine's Day? Perhaps this Silver Screen Advice Will Help

Last year, the hubby and I had a long layover in Orlando, so we decided to do a quick jaunt over to the Ripley's Believe it or Not museum. Checking their hours on TripAdvisor, I kept seeing a weird comment in the Q&A. Customer after customer asked:

"Does it cost to rub the god statues?"

The pride and joy of the museum are the fertility gods, which are kept in the lobby because of their massive popularity. Featured in numerous newspapers and documentaries, they are like the pregnancy pilgrimage of the modern world. 

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Marilyn Monroe's Secret Beauty Hack for Making Her Hips Sway

Marilyn has perhaps the most famous walk of them all. Her shimmy is so iconic that it stands alone as the opening scene from Niagara. If you haven't seen it yet, it is worth watching. It is called the longest walk in cinematic history -- over 116 feet of film, according to a quick Google search. 

But how did she make her hips sway in a way that was worth expending that much film on? 

Perhaps the answer can be found in her biography Goddess. A couple of stories are repeated that at first glance could appear to be nothing more than publicity and hype. But from everything I have read about Marilyn, I'd wager they are true. 

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What I Learned from Hollywood Legends About Happiness

Doing research for this blog is kind of addictive. I'm currently reading various biographies from the Classic Hollywood era. And looking back at the important moments in their lives gets me thinking about my own... 

I began with Carole Lombard, a woman who overcame some severe stumbling blocks, including a car accident that visibly scarred her face. 

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In Fashion, Are Coco Chanel's Immortal Words Still True: Is Less Really More?

Have you heard of the poem “Andrea del Sarto” by Robert Frost? Or the Geodesic Dome?

Perhaps not, but if you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and said “Less is More” as you removed that extra piece of jewelry or scarf, you were channeling both. The phrase originated in the poem, but the minimalist architecture made it famous. 

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A Fashion Rebellion... at Our Fingertips?

I am in-love with Carole Lombard's films lately. And as usual, I had to pause several times while watching Love Before Breakfast, in which she plays a stubborn, sharp-tongued woman who is caught in a love triangle that somewhat resembles a comedic Gone with the Wind

My first use of the remote was to rewind numerous times as her love interest hands her a cocktail he describes as a "Goodwin". I knew of a Gibson, but a Goodwin? Did I hear him correctly? This will surely send me down the cocktail history rabbit hole. I will let you know if I ever emerge...'

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