Marilyn Monroe's Sexiest Beauty Secret

The Sexiest Move Marilyn Monroe Always Made in Movies

The Sexiest Move Marilyn Monroe Always Made in Movies

The Sexiest Move Marilyn Monroe Always Made in Movies

With curves that stretched for miles, ruby-red lips and an inexplicable mystique (don’t forget to try Marilyn Monroe’s favorite fragrance btw — and don’t assume its Chanel No. 5) , we can all agree that Marilyn Monroe is the greatest movie icon to ever live. Movie directors, Playboy magazine, biographies, heck, even Andy Warhol have tried to capture the secret to her allure.

Well, I am going to propose that there was one often-overlooked aspect that Marilyn Monroe always possessed—perhaps key to her image more than her husky voice or her elaborate makeup and fashion (although, if you are a interested in reading up on a few of Marilyn Monroe’s favorite things, look no further).

It is simply this: Marilyn Monroe effectively executed a seductive walk with a hip shimmy that one can’t help but ask, “How did she do that?” The answer might surprise you—and I am here to tell you.

Marilyn Monroe's Secret Beauty Hack for Making Her Hips Sway

Marilyn Monroe’s shimmy made such an impression that her walk alone occupies almost the entire opening scene of the classic movie thriller Niagara. If you haven't seen it yet, it is worth watching. It is sometimes referred to as "the longest walk in cinematic history" -- over 116 feet of film to be exact.

What was the secret to her signature walk—a walk so distinctive that filmmakers expended valuable film time on just that?

“I don't know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot!”
Marilyn Monroe

Perhaps the answer can be found in her biography Goddess (one of Marilyn Monroe’s many biographies and one of my personal favorites). It shares the story of reporter Jimmy Starr of the Los Angeles Herald Express, who reported of the iconic bombshell, "She learned a trick of cutting a quarter of an inch off one heel, so that when she walked, that little fanny would wiggle."

DISCOVERING MARILYN Monroe’s Movie-Making Hips

There is a legend about Marilyn Monroe that fits perfectly with the rest of her lore. Supposedly, Marilyn once met classic film comedians Groucho and Harpo (Marx).

The Marx brothers wanted to be sure that Marilyn had the right kind of walk before they would give her a walk-on part in their classic comedy film Love Happy.

"This role calls for a young lady who can walk by men in such a manner as to arouse my elderly libido and cause smoke to issue from my ears."

Marilyn was no fool. She knew an opportunity when she saw one, and so she walked—and boy, did she walk.

She was hired, and the rest, as they say, is movie history. 

For obvious reasons, chopping an inch off your stilletos is not recommended. We can’t all be Marilyn Monroe. If you do try it, we’d like to hear about it. If you would like to try another of Marilyn Monroe’s zany beauty tricks, here’s one that might be a little less treacherous, but just as strange.

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