Happy Birthday Mae West! A Few of Her Favorite Things

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Mae West famously said:

When I'm good I'm very, very good, but when I'm bad, I'm better.

The line may have been in a movie, but when you read her biography you realize it applies to real life too! She was a woman who was larger than life both on screen and in person. Read on to learn what made her shamelessly unique. 




"I hope one day its proven healthy," she lamented. Lucky for us, it has been!



She kept many of her diamonds in a safety deposit box -- but to her insurer's chagrin, she also stored many at home where she could look at them.

spring-water- diamonds-mae-west-favorite-things-diamonds-she-loved-liked-fashion-hollywood-glamour-golden-age.jpg


She drank Poland Spring Water -- bathed in it, washed her vegetables in it, and generally swore by it.

franks n beans_lucille_ball_favorite_things.jpg


She said, "Other people collect paintings to hang on their walls... for me, hats are works of art."

joy perfume diamonds-mae-west-favorite-things-diamonds-she-loved-liked-fashion-hollywood-glamour-golden-age.jpg


The high price tag is attribute to the amount of roses needed to make Mae West's favorite fragrance -- 28 dozen roses are used to make 30ml!

Fortune_cookies diamonds-mae-west-favorite-things-diamonds-she-loved-liked-fashion-hollywood-glamour-golden-age.jpg


She would go out to chop suey and ask for additional fortune cookies, reading each one out loud, commenting on them, even keeping them in her bag.



Mae famously loved this shade and preferred it to boring 'ole pink.

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