A Few of Her Favorite Things: Doris Day

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Growing up, Pillow Talk was one of my all-time favorite classic films — but in recent years, I have gotten to know other Doris Day films, and my love for her has just grown and grown. From Hitchcock’s thriller The Man Who Knew Too Much to the light-hearted Please Don’t Eat the Daisies she just NEVER fails to charm.

Her birthday is coming up this week on April 3rd — so let’s raise a glass to our beloved Doris!!!  



People magazine reported on Doris’ last public appearance that she “She enjoys occasional indulgences such as a glass of wine (‘Just one glass,’ she says) and her favorite, ice cream.”



Doris loves animals — she even has her own foundation which she has dedicated much of her time and resources to.



Doris Day made social media waves when her 92nd birthday picture popped up and fans went haywire! “These days… she listens to Perry Como, Vince Gill, Nat King Cole, the Mills Brothers and Ray Charles,” said her publicist.



Many fans and friends report that Doris’ favorite flavor of ice cream was served t othem in a cantaloupe.

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Of her own films, this is reportedly Doris’ favorite — and the one she identifies with the most.

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