A Few of Her Favorite Things: Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly

A Few of Her Favorite Things: Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly

She was more than an actress -- she took beauty and fame to a whole other level when she became the Princess of Monaco. And she became synonymous with her name itself -- she was the epitome of Grace. 

But she was more than just a pretty face. At Grace Kelly’s funeral, a touching eulogy was read by actor James Stewart, who said ‘You know, I just love Grace Kelly. Not because she was a princess, not because she was an actress, not because she was my friend, but because she was just about the nicest lady I ever met’.

You Won't Believe how this 1940s Fashion Icon Tried to end World War II

You Won't Believe how this 1940s Fashion Icon Tried to end World War II

When she wasn't plotting ways to use fashion in dangerous and creative ways (more on that in a minute) Marlene Dietrich, starlet of the 1930's, was known for her military-inspired fashion in an era that preferred pink and butterfly sleeves. One of the first fashionistas to pioneer trousers, we have her at least partially to thank for our comfy sweat pants and "mom jeans" that have been so incredibly popular this year (with no sign of any slowing down in 2017, though skinny jeans are reportedly still the best sellers). 

Jean Harlow, The Original Rory Gilmore

The weather is turning crisp and for me that means it is time to pull out my favorite book and cozy up with a cup of tea.

As someone famously said, we lose ourselves in books -- but we find ourselves there too. This gem of wisdome apparently paplied to Jean Harlow as well.


In Jean Harlows biography, Platinum Girl, Eve Golden talks abut the struggle Jean Harlow went through while filming Hell's Angels, Howard Hughes' pet project. It sounds like it was awful for the poor girl... not only was it her first real film role, but her eyes literally got burned by the bright lights, and her Director James Whale tormented her that she didn't know how to be a woman.

How did she cope? Ben Lyon said, "She used to carry with her around the studios a little satchel containing four or five books of poetry, famous prose, or some special branch of the classics she was studying at the time." 

I have this image of Gilmore Girls' Rory in my mind -- Jean Harlow wandering the set, half engrossed in a good book. 

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A Few of Her Favorite Things: Mae West

A Few of Her Favorite Things: Mae West

The line may have been in a movie, but when you read her biography you realize it applies to real life too! She was a woman who was larger than life both on screen and in person. Read on to learn what made her shamelessly unique. 

End of August! Modern headlines from the month served with a Classic Hollywood twist...

Woof. Things are achieving record heat here in sunny SoCal.

It's kinda like this:

“The month of August had turned into a griddle where the days just lay there and sizzled.” 
― Sue Monk KiddThe Secret Life of Bees

Stay cool out there fellow Angelenos and all of you hanging out in similarly toasty climes! 


Check out these rare Audrey Hepburn portraits!

New Marlene Dietrich collection is out on DVD -- featuring a collaboration between Dietrich and von Sternberg it includes Morocco, Dishonored, Shanghai Express, Blonde Venus, The Scarlet Empress, The Devil Is a Woman


New travel goal: visit Rick's cafe recreated in Casablanca! 

Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford lovenest is up for sale. According to Nest.com: "Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks had their affair, and ever since Hollywood has had a love affair with the historic home."

One of Lauren Bacall's dresses is up for auction as part of a larger sale from designer Bob Mackie. According to Playbill, "A black custom-made gown worn by Lauren Bacall in 1970 in the Broadway show Applause and to the 24th Annual Tony Awards, where she won for Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical for that role (estimate: $3,000-$5,000)."

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Ava Gardner... the Toreador?

Have you ever seen that movie, Under the Tuscan Sun where Diane Lane goes dancing around in water fountains?

I have always fantasized about being that kinda girl.

I am in the middle of reading the biography of Ava Gardner, Love is Nothing, which I highly recommend. Out of all the screen sirens, none seem like real life tigers the way that Ava did. Indeed her real life seems to outdo her screen life, which is saying something!

My favorite scene in I Love Lucy is when they are at the Brown Derby and "She may be people but she isn't like you and me!"

ava_showboat_toreador_charlton-heston-coconut-cake-birthday-fracas-fragrance-perfume-ava-gardner-classic-golden-age-cinema-hollywood-fashion-inspiration-marilyn-monroe-1940s-1930s-beautiful .jpg

Charlton Heston wrote in his biography that during the filming of 55 Days to Peking, Ava was a bit of a tyrant. By the time filming was completed, everyone was ready to say fond farewells to this hurricane of a woman. But at a dinner several months later, with the strains of working together shed, he said t was the worst behavior he had ever seen by a professional colleague. 

55_days-peking-cover_toreador_charlton-heston-coconut-cake-birthday-fracas-fragrance-perfume-ava-gardner-classic-golden-age-cinema-hollywood-fashion-inspiration-marilyn-monroe-1940s-1930s-beautiful .jpg

But my favorite part is his farewell image of Ava. 

"Exiting the party just behind her, he caught a last, exemplary glimpse of his costar in the Madrid street, beautiful and alone standing in traffic, looking for a taxi, she had taken up the pose of a matador and was making vernica passes with her red evening cape as the cars rushed by. 'It was unforgettable, wrote Heston. 'My most vivid memory of that extraordinary lady.'"

A dark-haired siren waving her cape around like the toreadors she so loved and dated in Spain. Now that is a beautiful image, and something we should all channel. 

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Leopard Print [Science of Seduction]

Leopard Print [Science of Seduction]

The science of fashion is always a curious thing. I recently learned that cheetah/leopard prints make you more attractive. The scientific term is "Misattribution of Arousal" ... but since you probably don't want to sift through a bunch of medical journals, I will boil it down the main points: Ravenous wildcats have sharp teeth and want to eat you, therefore when one wears wildcat print men think of sharp teeth and being devoured, inciting a fear reaction, which somehow also increases feelings of attraction. 

A Few of Her Favorite Things: Lucille Ball

A Few of Her Favorite Things: Lucille Ball

A perfect combination of beauty and brilliance, the name "Lucille Ball" is almost synonymous with the term "screwball." But the woman was more than just a funny redhead -- she was known to be intelligent, at times serious, and a comedic genius. And we love her for all of those things.

We aren't alone. In the book Desilu: The Story of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, Desi said:  "Lucy was the show. Viv, Fred and I were just props. Damn good props, but props nevertheless. P.S. I Love Lucy was never just the title." 

July! Modern headlines from the month served with a Classic Hollywood twist...

July! Modern headlines from the month served with a Classic Hollywood twist...

Woof. Things are achieving record heat here in sunny SoCal. Stay cool out there fellow Angelenos and all of you hanging out in similarly toasty climes!

I love this sentiment: 

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.” 
― F. Scott FitzgeraldThe Great Gatsby