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10 Gifts for 1930s & 1940s Fashionistas

Taking take the guesswork out of vintage shopping for you—these essentials will be the foundation of your vintage flair, taking you from summer to winter. They will anchor whatever other fashionable pieces you already have in your closet (or populating your purse & dresser!). 

Most of these have been tried and tested by myself, or better yet, the celebrated starlets that used them. Here is short list of your 10 absolute must-haves to channel your inner starlet, whether she most resembles Elizabeth Taylor, or Grace Kelly, or Audrey Hepburn, or Marilyn Monroe, or....

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What I Learned from Hollywood Legends About Happiness

Doing research for this blog is kind of addictive. I'm currently reading various biographies from the Classic Hollywood era. And looking back at the important moments in their lives gets me thinking about my own... 

I began with Carole Lombard, a woman who overcame some severe stumbling blocks, including a car accident that visibly scarred her face. 

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