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From Gucci to Chanel: Classic Hollywood Designer Bags at a Fraction of the Cost

You're not the contents of your handbag -- but from Maria Sharapova carrying Sharpies (to give autographs) to Sharon Stone carrying tins of dark chocolate in their totes, who doesn’t love when fashion meets functionality?

What you probably love a little less when it comes to designers, is the price tag. 

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7 On-Trend Dresses To Channel Classic Hollywood Chic On a Budget

There are trends in just about every area of life, from fashion, to music, to interior design, to cosmetics. From Instagram influencers to famous housewives, we are inundated with inspiration. But I think we can all agree that at times, it gets overwhelming. And just because fashion editors are talking about a trend, doesn’t mean the average person is wearing it. Because let’s be honest, we don’t all have budgets to match the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

I love Hollywood.

But have you ever wondered what everyday women are actually buying? I do. And I have found a hack that I rather like.

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Marilyn Monroe's Sexiest Beauty Secret

With curves that stretched for miles, ruby-red lips, and an inexplicable mystique, we can all agree that Marilyn Monroe is the greatest movie icon to ever live. Movie directors, Playboy magazine, biographies, heck, even Andy Warhol have tried to capture the secret to her allure.

Well, I am going to propose that there was one often-overlooked aspect that Marilyn Monroe always possessed—perhaps key to her image more than her husky voice or her elaborate makeup and fashion.

It is simply this: Marilyn Monroe effectively executed a seductive walk with a hip shimmy that one can’t help but ask, “How did she do that?” The answer might surprise you—and I am here to tell you.

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7 of Hollywood's Favorite Classic Movie Perfumes

I think we can all agree that when we think about perfumes from decades ago, we immediately think of outdated. Stinky. So potent, the fragrance could fill up an entire theatre.

I am here to clear the air — classic Hollywod was on to something with their choices. Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and Grace Kelly became iconic for a reason, and I am sure they knew how to choose perfumes that didn’t chase their fans away.

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The Perfume Embodiments of Mae West (oh, and Kim Kardashian)

Mae West refused to take ocean voyages — didn’t people remember what happened to the Titanic, she reportedly retorted when it was even suggested to her.

There was only one thing she feared even more fiercely — flying.

So when producers wanted her to travel to Paris for costume fittings in preparation for “Every Day’s a Holiday she said a firm no. But they had a problem — the designer was in Paris. How to fit dresses to a woman who refused to travel to the dressmaker’s shop?

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You Won't Believe how this 1940s Fashion Icon Tried to end World War II

When she wasn't plotting ways to use fashion in dangerous and creative ways (more on that in a minute) Marlene Dietrich, starlet of the 1930's, was known for her military-inspired fashion in an era that preferred pink and butterfly sleeves. One of the first fashionistas to pioneer trousers, we have her at least partially to thank for our comfy sweat pants and "mom jeans" that have been so incredibly popular this year (with no sign of any slowing down in 2017, though skinny jeans are reportedly still the best sellers). 

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Leopard Print [Science of Seduction]

The science of fashion is always a curious thing. I recently learned that cheetah/leopard prints make you more attractive. The scientific term is "Misattribution of Arousal" ... but since you probably don't want to sift through a bunch of medical journals, I will boil it down the main points: Ravenous wildcats have sharp teeth and want to eat you, therefore when one wears wildcat print men think of sharp teeth and being devoured, inciting a fear reaction, which somehow also increases feelings of attraction. 

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Be a Pest! Life Lessons from Lauren Bacall

Do a quick Google search on Lauren Bacall and you will get a steaming pile of stories of intimidation -- from what I can tell, a casual encounter with the woman could be an absolute dream -- or your worst nightmare. Perhaps it was her smoldering eyes that scared the living daylights out of people, but people seemed to be truly frightened by the woman.

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