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Classic Movies to Help You Survive Heartbreak

The agony of a breakup is undeniable. You read inspiring pick-me-up articles that suggest you exercise, drown yourself in chocolate, and hang out with your gal pals. “Enjoy your independence!” they say.

Meanwhile, you are thinking of all the things you would rather experience than your present heartache. You would rather fall into a river infested with bloodthirsty pirhanas. Get an unexpected phone call from the IRS. Live through a fiery armageddon.

Help is on the way! Movies can be extremely therapeutic for surviving a breakup. Psychiatrists even have a word for it: cinematherapy. As Psychology Today puts it, “Movies can bring down psychic-emotional barriers, penetrate the wall of resistance, both conscious and unconscious, oftentimes very deftly and then open up the issues aroused for discussion in therapy.”

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7 Must-See Mother's Day Movies From Classic Hollywood

Mother's Day is coming -- why not treat mom to a movie night? Settle in with a homemade dinner (courtesy of you) and watch one (or all!) of these heartwarming favorites? (Bonus hint: Looking for a recipe? Try this classic beef stew from Jean Harlow and make your Classic Hollywood themed night complete!)

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The Perfume Embodiments of Mae West (oh, and Kim Kardashian)

Mae West refused to take ocean voyages — didn’t people remember what happened to the Titanic, she reportedly retorted when it was even suggested to her.

There was only one thing she feared even more fiercely — flying.

So when producers wanted her to travel to Paris for costume fittings in preparation for “Every Day’s a Holiday she said a firm no. But they had a problem — the designer was in Paris. How to fit dresses to a woman who refused to travel to the dressmaker’s shop?

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Ringing in 2019 with New Year's Resolutions Inspired by Hollywood

It's that time of year again -- what's on your list of things to get done in 2018? 

Much has been written about New Years. The psychology behind it, the shoulds and should nots. I had no idea what I could possibly add to the conversation, to be honest. We all know the basics on how to keep them:  

  • Make them achievable.
  • Set short-term milestones. 
  • Have an accountability partner, or app.
  • Enjoy the journey. 
  • And so on... 
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You Won't Believe how this 1940s Fashion Icon Tried to end World War II

When she wasn't plotting ways to use fashion in dangerous and creative ways (more on that in a minute) Marlene Dietrich, starlet of the 1930's, was known for her military-inspired fashion in an era that preferred pink and butterfly sleeves. One of the first fashionistas to pioneer trousers, we have her at least partially to thank for our comfy sweat pants and "mom jeans" that have been so incredibly popular this year (with no sign of any slowing down in 2017, though skinny jeans are reportedly still the best sellers). 

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Be a Pest! Life Lessons from Lauren Bacall

Do a quick Google search on Lauren Bacall and you will get a steaming pile of stories of intimidation -- from what I can tell, a casual encounter with the woman could be an absolute dream -- or your worst nightmare. Perhaps it was her smoldering eyes that scared the living daylights out of people, but people seemed to be truly frightened by the woman.

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Classic Films Made Here: Wandering the Warner Bros. Lot

It goes without saying -- Warner Brothers has made some of the greatest classic films ever, from Casablanca to Citizen Kane. Recently I attended an event at the lot -- whilst others thrilled at the free hot pretzels, and the house music blared from Gilmore Girls' gazebo (the party was hosted in the "Stars Hollow" set, one could literally enjoy a coffee in Luke's Diner), I was in starstruck wonderment of a different sort. 

I wandered through the facades that once served as the setting for films such as Bonnie & Clyde, or Sinatra's Oceans 11; as you can imagine, I was in heaven. 

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