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Classic Movies to Help You Survive Heartbreak

The agony of a breakup is undeniable. You read inspiring pick-me-up articles that suggest you exercise, drown yourself in chocolate, and hang out with your gal pals. “Enjoy your independence!” they say.

Meanwhile, you are thinking of all the things you would rather experience than your present heartache. You would rather fall into a river infested with bloodthirsty pirhanas. Get an unexpected phone call from the IRS. Live through a fiery armageddon.

Help is on the way! Movies can be extremely therapeutic for surviving a breakup. Psychiatrists even have a word for it: cinematherapy. As Psychology Today puts it, “Movies can bring down psychic-emotional barriers, penetrate the wall of resistance, both conscious and unconscious, oftentimes very deftly and then open up the issues aroused for discussion in therapy.”

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Looking for Love this Valentine's Day? Perhaps this Silver Screen Advice Will Help

Last year, the hubby and I had a long layover in Orlando, so we decided to do a quick jaunt over to the Ripley's Believe it or Not museum. Checking their hours on TripAdvisor, I kept seeing a weird comment in the Q&A. Customer after customer asked:

"Does it cost to rub the god statues?"

The pride and joy of the museum are the fertility gods, which are kept in the lobby because of their massive popularity. Featured in numerous newspapers and documentaries, they are like the pregnancy pilgrimage of the modern world. 

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What I Learned from Hollywood Legends About Happiness

Doing research for this blog is kind of addictive. I'm currently reading various biographies from the Classic Hollywood era. And looking back at the important moments in their lives gets me thinking about my own... 

I began with Carole Lombard, a woman who overcame some severe stumbling blocks, including a car accident that visibly scarred her face. 

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