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Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Curse of the Shrunken Head

In honor of Halloween, this month I am focusing on Hollywood tales of a spooky nature. Enjoy!

Sometimes when I am reading interesting stories from Old Hollywood, accounts vary tremendously. This one about a shrunken head is too good to ignore, regardless of the differences in details. 

It seems that Clark Gable once gave Carole a shrunken head as a gift -- you see, they were both the ultimate pranksters. It was their thing -- to try to one up each other. 

But this time, Clark had gone too far. Carole accused him of putting a curse on her, and threw the shrunken head out the window on the way to a party as they passed through Coldwater Canyon. This is where the story diverges. It is well-documented that they went back to pick up the head (I guess she was afraid of the fury of the shrunken head, perhaps because she was known to consult with psychics and mediums? I am sure they would advise her that was not good ju-ju).

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What I Learned from Hollywood Legends About Happiness

Doing research for this blog is kind of addictive. I'm currently reading various biographies from the Classic Hollywood era. And looking back at the important moments in their lives gets me thinking about my own... 

I began with Carole Lombard, a woman who overcame some severe stumbling blocks, including a car accident that visibly scarred her face. 

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A Fashion Rebellion... at Our Fingertips?

I am in-love with Carole Lombard's films lately. And as usual, I had to pause several times while watching Love Before Breakfast, in which she plays a stubborn, sharp-tongued woman who is caught in a love triangle that somewhat resembles a comedic Gone with the Wind

My first use of the remote was to rewind numerous times as her love interest hands her a cocktail he describes as a "Goodwin". I knew of a Gibson, but a Goodwin? Did I hear him correctly? This will surely send me down the cocktail history rabbit hole. I will let you know if I ever emerge...'

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