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Clark Gable, Carole Lombard, & the Ghost Stories of the Pioneer Saloon

A few weeks ago my hubby accepted a weekend gig officiating tennis in Las Vegas. For some reason, I strangely adore the trip across the desert: the occasional Joshua tree, the weird roadside diners, the site of The Strip lighting up the horizon. 

Since I was going to have a lot of time to myself, I made a list of things to do. The secret pizza joint at the Cosmopolitan, a day poolside at the Paris Hotel, and finally, a little jaunt out to what some call...

The Most Haunted Place in America

An avid Carole Lombard fan, I felt a certain reverence visiting this place. Perhaps it is because I just finished Fireball, which details the story of her tragic death in a plane crash. 

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Channeling Joan Crawford's Incredible Method to Overcome Any Fear

Oh Joan.

Is there anyone who inspires more images of kind of terrifying, vamp-like makeup and images of wire hangers?

If you don't know what I am talking about and you are in the mood for a deeply disturbing film, go watch Mommie Dearest. But honestly, I wouldn't recommend it. I made my poor husband sit down and watch it with me in preparation for FX's "Feud". When Joan wanders into her little girl's room and sees wire hangers in her closet, she screams like a banshee, "NO... WIRE... HANGERS!!!"


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A Fashion Rebellion... at Our Fingertips?

I am in-love with Carole Lombard's films lately. And as usual, I had to pause several times while watching Love Before Breakfast, in which she plays a stubborn, sharp-tongued woman who is caught in a love triangle that somewhat resembles a comedic Gone with the Wind

My first use of the remote was to rewind numerous times as her love interest hands her a cocktail he describes as a "Goodwin". I knew of a Gibson, but a Goodwin? Did I hear him correctly? This will surely send me down the cocktail history rabbit hole. I will let you know if I ever emerge...'

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Forgotten Cocktails from the Golden Age of Cinema: The "Yellow Parrot"

I just finished watching We're Not Dressing, a screwball comedy flick about a motley crew of socialites stranded on a deserted island. It isn't the most thought-provoking film ever made, but it is darn funny, and Bing Crosby's crooning makes it well worth the watch. My favorite moment is when Bing glares at spoiled princess Doris (played by one of my favorite actresses, Carole Lombard) while singing a song about loving your neighbor and how those in high places can topple at any time. Hollywood has always been good at social commentary!


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