A Fashion Rebellion... at Our Fingertips?

I am in-love with Carole Lombard's films. The latest? Love Before Breakfast, in which she plays a stubborn, sharp-tongued woman who is caught in a love triangle that somewhat resembles a comedic Gone with the Wind

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This might sound strange, but I couldn't help noticing her nail polish, a full layer of what seemed to be a deep, dark red (or black, which wasn't unheard of in the 1930s believe it or not, the little vamps). Now, I know this may not seem that shocking, but during the 1920's the acceptable way to wear nail polish was to do the half-moon and tips, a look that is evoked by retro purists at Gatsby-themed parties and the like. Carole's fully painted nail is unusual for her time. 

It turns out that Carole was considered a nail polish rebel because she painted the entire length of the nail. And she was a rebel loyal to a certain hue; in a 1935 interview with the Milwaukee Journal, the interviewer noted that while Carole may have toyed with various shades of pink and rose, "No matter how much she experiments, however, she invariably comes back to deep red enamel and settles upon that." 

She must have intuitively known the science of sex appeal. Modern research done by both informal (such as OKCupid) and formal (University of Southern Brittany) institutions has shown that women whose dating profiles feature them in red get more dates. Not only that, but their date was willing to spend more money on them! 

Choosing the Right SHADE OF Red NAIL POLISH

Red nail polish is timeless in just about any shade. The key is to match it to your skin tone. Here are a few tips (don't be afraid to break the rules!): 

Fair Complexion -- You've heard it before, blue undertones look best. Try Essie's Cream Nail Polish in Party on a Platform (or similar shades)

Olive/Medium Complexion -- Orange-based reds will look great on you. Try Guerlain La Petite's in the shade "Firebow" is a good reference point.  

Dark Complexion -- Try deep purple and wine colors like Essie's Cream Nail Polish In the Lobby


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