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Trying out the one Beauty Tip Marilyn Monroe Swore By

You never know. That hitchhiker beckoning to you from the side of the road might just be a famous celebrity.

I just finished reading Goddess by Anthony Summers. In it, he relates a story of Marilyn waiting by the side of a road, trying to hitch a ride from an unsuspecting passerby (there had been a mishap with her scheduling that day). But car after car drove by, not realizing they were passing up the opportunity to meet the immortal Marilyn Monroe. 

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Grace Kelly Fashion Inspiration: my thrift store wedding dress

Most girls dream about what their wedding dress will look like when they grow up... and the $ they are willing to spend on their dream dress once they get there is, to some, bordering on insanity. The national average is over $1400! That is a lot of money for a dress you are going to wear once, although I am all about unique life experiences so I can't begrudge any gal her one day of being a princess. 

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Forgotten Cocktails from the Golden Age of Cinema: The "Yellow Parrot"

I just finished watching We're Not Dressing, a screwball comedy flick about a motley crew of socialites stranded on a deserted island. It isn't the most thought-provoking film ever made, but it is darn funny, and Bing Crosby's crooning makes it well worth the watch. My favorite moment is when Bing glares at spoiled princess Doris (played by one of my favorite actresses, Carole Lombard) while singing a song about loving your neighbor and how those in high places can topple at any time. Hollywood has always been good at social commentary!


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1940's Fashion inspiration: Iconic Valentine's Day Sweater

Valentines Day is coming!!! What are all of you doing to celebrate? My husband and I are going Argentinian Tango dancing. He is less excited about it than I am... to me the Tango evokes images of smoky underground jazz bars in Argentina where lovers dance the night away. He thinks of awkward couples shuffling around the dance floor in sneakers. 

Either way, I know exactly what I'm going to wear. This sweater has been in the works for weeks... 

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