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Marilyn Monroe's Sexiest Beauty Secret

With curves that stretched for miles, ruby-red lips, and an inexplicable mystique, we can all agree that Marilyn Monroe is the greatest movie icon to ever live. Movie directors, Playboy magazine, biographies, heck, even Andy Warhol have tried to capture the secret to her allure.

Well, I am going to propose that there was one often-overlooked aspect that Marilyn Monroe always possessed—perhaps key to her image more than her husky voice or her elaborate makeup and fashion.

It is simply this: Marilyn Monroe effectively executed a seductive walk with a hip shimmy that one can’t help but ask, “How did she do that?” The answer might surprise you—and I am here to tell you.

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A Few Of Her Favorite Things: Marilyn Monroe

Do you share some favorite things with the inimitable Marilyn Monroe

She was a truly a mysterious woman, and one who has enchanted generations of cinephiles. Behind her alluring image, Marilyn Monroe seemed to be a kind, gentle woman (don’t miss the story of her encounter with a gas station attendant), not to mention incredibly intelligent (the books Marilyn Monroe kept on her library shelf might shock you!).

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Marilyn Monroe & the Gas Station Attendant

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Here in LA the brisk weather is finally starting to set in. Compared to my home stomping grounds of Salt Lake City that isn't saying much (tonight SLC is at a brisk 27 degrees while DTLA is closer to 60) but considering the almost blistering heat in recent weeks, it is still a drastic departure. And just in time, because street vendors are beginning to pull out their hot ciders and hot chocolates, which doesn't really make sense if it is 80 degrees out.

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Marilyn Monroe's Secret Beauty Hack for Making Her Hips Sway

Marilyn has perhaps the most famous walk of them all. Her shimmy is so iconic that it stands alone as the opening scene from Niagara. If you haven't seen it yet, it is worth watching. It is called the longest walk in cinematic history -- over 116 feet of film, according to a quick Google search. 

But how did she make her hips sway in a way that was worth expending that much film on? 

Perhaps the answer can be found in her biography Goddess. A couple of stories are repeated that at first glance could appear to be nothing more than publicity and hype. But from everything I have read about Marilyn, I'd wager they are true. 

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Trying out the one Beauty Tip Marilyn Monroe Swore By

You never know. That hitchhiker beckoning to you from the side of the road might just be a famous celebrity.

I just finished reading Goddess by Anthony Summers. In it, he relates a story of Marilyn waiting by the side of a road, trying to hitch a ride from an unsuspecting passerby (there had been a mishap with her scheduling that day). But car after car drove by, not realizing they were passing up the opportunity to meet the immortal Marilyn Monroe. 

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Interior Design Inspiration: Marilyn Monroe's Monochromatic Chic

Marilyn was the classiest woman when it came to fashion, but that sense for what worked and what didn't work certainly carried over to her interior design skills. Are you wondering how you can take a cue from her sophisticated style and incorporate it into your own style?

Sadly, a quick Google search will not be of much help. Go ahead. Type in any combination of the words "Marilyn Monroe Interior Design" and you will find a somewhat hideous array of Andy Warhol knockoffs, black & red hued rooms, and fluffy pink chairs.

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