Classic Hollywood Guide to Amazon's Bestselling Products

To see what is trending in fashion and beauty you can read your favorite blog or style magazine. Or, if you are curious to see what people are actually buying (not what fashion editors or simply talking about, but what is actually selling) you can go straight to the store -- the Amazon store that is.

I love browsing their Top Sellers section. I find face lotions and curling irons I never knew existed. And because they are massively popular (which usually means good review) I know just about every single one of them is a safe bet. So far this strategy hasn't done me wrong.

I wonder what would happen if a modern-day, aspiring Audrey Hepburn, or Grace Kelly, or Elizabeth Taylor would buy if she was shopping from these op trending items. Here is what my imagination tells me... 



Bamboo Tote

An aspiring starlet could go to Bergdoff Gordman's and get the pricey Gaia Gaia Cult version. Or she can get this one at a fraction of the cost. 

Vintage-Style Sunglasses

These sunglasses make a bold statement, worthy of a pinup. Not for the faint of heart or those afraid to go big... literally. 

Cashmere Scarf

This scarf summons images of classic starlets traveling in convertible cars alongside their leading men.

Evening Clutch

To get the role, you have to be seen. This evening clutch oughta get you through a busy evening of networking with directors and studio executives. 

Faux Fur Wrap

For your first premiere. 

Off to the lake... 

This dress will take you from company picnics to evening cocktail parties. 

Head Scarf

Perfect for a bad hair day. 

Kiss from a Rose

This delicate rose pendant looks exactly like something Grace Kelly would wear. 

An Audrey-Esque Dress

Every girl needs a LBD. 

Sultry Nylons

Who has time for nylons? They are a pain, let's be honest. These are simple and comfortable, from what Amazon reviewers have to say.

need even more ideas? check out the "live like a silver screen star" page!


If you buy from any of the links included above rather than going straight to the vendor site from Google or another search engine, I may get a portion of your purchase at no cost to you. And another thing -- in the spirit of being a true-class act and not contributing to "fashion waste" please remember to only spend your hard-earned money on something you think you will truly love. <3