End of February! Modern headlines from the month served with a Classic Hollywood twist...

Was February a rough month? Romance (or the lack thereof) is complicated. And Valentine's Day can be a dangerous holiday, fraught with self-attacks and bottomless wishing wells. But its never to late to re-commit to loving yourself, ultimately means becoming your happiest-get-out-there-and-make-the-world-a-more-awesome-place self. 

In that spirit, grab a glass of wine, kick your legs up, and recover from the most ubiquitous holiday as we enjoy these handpicked stories from the month. They are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Halsey WEARS MARILYN, COCKTAILS ACROSS AMERICA, and the apartment from "The Mirror has two faces" 

Food and wine did a feature on the top cocktails in every state. What's yours?

I think it is super sweet that Kate Middleton is paying tribute to Princess Diana through her fashion.

It seems Halsey has got social media in a whirl because of her new Marilyn Monroe look

The apartment where The Mirror has Two Faces starring Lauren Bacall and Barbara Streisand is up for sale if you have a few million to spare. The photos are stunning!

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A Free Cocktail Away From Bliss

It bears reminding.... if you want to try out some of the cocktails of your favorite Classic Hollywood stars but in a cheaper way try Hooch. You basically get a free cocktail EVERY DAY at participating bars around town. And some of these bars are NICE, we're talking "we would have paid $16 for that fancy cocktail" nice. The subscription costs $9 a month, but you can get the first month for 99 cents using this promo code: drunkrabbits

Here are the cities they currently operate in: 

New York City · San Francisco · Hong Kong · Los Angeles · Miami · Dallas · Austin · New Jersey · Phoenix · San Diego

In other news...Valentine's Day haters skip this. Everyone else, do you need a date in time for this ubiquitous heart-themed holiday? Try this out. 

...and a few things you may have missed from She Wore Stars!

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