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End of September! Modern Headlines from the Month Served with a Classic Hollywood Twist

We finally made the big move and have landed in Los Angeles! Ah, it is good to be back. The coming weeks here on She Wore Stars are sure to be chock full of Hollywood lore centered around L.A. sites while I get my belly full.

September is the month of the harvest -- festivals are popping up all over the place to celebrate the abundance of this season. I hope that this time of year finds you steeped in plenty, as you get ready to pull out your winter wardrobes, your Halloween decorations, and your favorite chicken soup recipes to survive the cold winter months ahead!

In the meantime, enjoy the stories that inspired me this month, including a little bit of ...

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It is shaping up to be a gorgeous summer here in Salt Lake City – sunny skies with just enough of a breeze to make it bearable. My hubby and I have been biking the canyon trails that run up and down next to the raging river (fed by a beautiful watefall).

I love these summer nights with nothing to do but enjoy the people we care about. What are all of you up to this summer? I hope it is full of laughter, running barefoot in the grass, and friendship.

Enjoy the stories that inspired me this month, featuring...

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Recipes from the Golden Age of Cinema: Curried Chicken Salad

You may know this particular actress' work if you have ever found yourself wondering how someone could divorce and remarry the same man twice (kinda romantic in an odd way, you have to admit). Or, is it possible for someone to really have violet eyes? (It is... kind of... it turns out they were such a unique shade of deep blue they really DID look purple... and they have become so iconic even a perfume is named after them). 

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