It's been a gorgeous summer here in Salt Lake City – sunny skies with just enough of a breeze to make it bearable. My hubby and I have been biking the canyon trails that run up and down next to the raging river (fed by a beautiful watefall).

I love these summer nights with nothing to do but enjoy the people we care about. What are all of you up to this summer? I hope it has been full of laughter, running barefoot in the grass, and friendship.

Enjoy the stories that inspired me this month, including a little bit of ...

Classic Hollywood Survival Stories, Celebrity Homes, and Disneyland Lore

Thinking a trip to Chicago is in order... dying to go to BLVD, with its Classic Hollywood elegance! 

I love the reclining seats that are popping up in theatres across the country. Still, I am looking foward to checking out this 1940's reboot theatre opening in the Pacific Palisades! 

Jealous of Kim Kardashian West, who purchased Jackie Kennedy's vintage Cartier watch for almost half a million. If I had that kind of money I would be out of control buying up vintage Hollywood paraphernalia. Or Disney paraphernalia such as... 

This hand-drawn map that sold for $708k. It created the blueprint for Disneyland over one legendary weekend in 1953. Already the rumor mill is churning. Who bought it? And can we please bring back Tom Sawyer's Island? 

Wish I could tour Audrey Hepburn's Los Angeles mansion that has hit the market, for sale at nearly $14 million dollars. 

Sooooo relieved that the Formosa Cafe is soon to be alive and kicking again. So many of the classic Hollywood restaurants have been demolished. My heart couldn't take another hit. 

Fascinated by Michelle Poler's experiment of living 100 days without fear. Making my own list. What would be on yours? 

...and a few things you may have missed from She Wore Stars!

Here is my list of 9 Classic Summer Films that I think everyone should watch at least once. They just make life better. Trust me. 

Heading to a BBQ? Bring Elizabeth Taylor's Curried Chicken Salad to the party. It's been a hit every time I have served it!

Doing a lot of entertaining this summer? Don't forget to sign up for The Cocktail Adventure! You will be heartily supplied for a summer of imbibing, and able to whip up a cocktail or two without embarrassing yourself. It's fun. Maybe a little too fun.

xoxo -- Steffi