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1930s Fashion: How Charm Bracelets Held Hollywood's Secrets (And Still Do)

When I was a little girl, my mother gave me a charm bracelet she had worn as a child. Picked up from a souvenir shop in San Francisco, the bracelet oozed with kitsch... a small spinner with a true/false dial could tell the future, much like a Magic 8 ball. A small telephone had a rotary dial that actually spun! I was so mesmerized that later in life, I used various events in my life... including my first trip to Europe... to collect charms to tell the story of where I had been. Gibraltar was a monkey... Santiago de Compostela was a shell with a tiny cross inside... and for the Tower of London, a miniature guillotine (macabre, I know!).  

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Recipes from the Golden Age of Cinema: Curried Chicken Salad

You may know this particular actress' work if you have ever found yourself wondering how someone could divorce and remarry the same man twice (kinda romantic in an odd way, you have to admit). Or, is it possible for someone to really have violet eyes? (It is... kind of... it turns out they were such a unique shade of deep blue they really DID look purple... and they have become so iconic even a perfume is named after them). 

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