The Lucky Charms & Talismans of Hollywood Celebrities


In a recent blog post, I wrote about charm bracelets in Hollywood history. Even Queen Victoria wore them (she was kind of the Olivia Palermo of her time). Today I am going to write about something a bit different -- a piece of jewelry that Jean Harlow believed made her lucky. 

In the book Platinum Girl by Eve Golden, Harlow's childhood friend relates the following tale; it seems that one time, young Jean was disciplined at Ferry Hall, a prep school for privileged young girls. It wasn't for making out in the hall, or cussing, or smoking in the back of the school.

It was for wearing an ankle bracelet. 

"Several of us wore them, but exception had to be taken," Adaline Morrison relates. Feeling singled out, Jean packed her bags, ready to leave in a fury. Her friend calmed her down and she stayed.  

I have to believe this is the origin of Jean's ankle bracelet, a piece of jewelry that has become part of Hollywood lore.  


You can see the ankle bracelet in any photo of Jean where you can see her left ankle. Delicate, it gently circles her left ankle. Reportedly, she never left the house without it. 

Jean would be in good company amongst today's glittering stars. Cameron Diaz swears by a horseshoe necklace. Lindsay Lohan has been known to wear an "evil eye" charm to court. And it isn't exactly jewelry, but Cate Blanchett keeps her elf ears on a mantle at home for good luck. 


I had to sit and think a minute... did I have anything I considered lucky? And then I realized, I do! 

Jean Harlow wore an ankle bracelet... I wear these lucky seeds from Peru. 

Jean Harlow wore an ankle bracelet... I wear these lucky seeds from Peru. 

Pictured above is a huayaruro bead bracelet. Those familiar with South American superstition might recognize it as a poisonous seed -- but to some cultures, it is considered lucky. I picked it up in Peru, where the seller explained to me that the poisonous seeds would guard me from evil. 

And now, when I wear it, I will think about Jean and her rebellious nature. 


What about you? Do you have any lucky pieces of clothing or jewelry? Please share here or on Instagram, I would love to see your photos!!!!!

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