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Recipes from the Golden Age of Cinema: Jean Harlow's Cottage Meat Pie

I am a tremendous fan of Jean Harlow -- not just her work, but the woman behind the silver screen. Her life was plagued by scandal and, in the end, tragedy. But before that, she was the kind of film star who, if she happened to meet you on the street, might invite you to that evening's barbecue. She truly wanted to make her guests feel welcome, and was known as more of a tomboy than a glamour girl to those who knew her best -- more at home in pants than in sequined dresses.

Which is perhaps why I had to try out one of her recipes, in preparation for the upcoming colder months. 

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The Lucky Charms & Talismans of Hollywood Celebrities


In a recent blog post, I wrote about charm bracelets in Hollywood history. Even Queen Victoria wore them (she was kind of the Olivia Palermo of her time). Today I am going to write about something a bit different -- a piece of jewelry that Jean Harlow believed made her lucky. 

In the book Platinum Girl by Eve Golden, Harlow's childhood friend relates the following tale; it seems that one time, young Jean was disciplined at Ferry Hall, a prep school for privileged young girls. It wasn't for making out in the hall, or cussing, or smoking in the back of the school.

It was for wearing an ankle bracelet. 

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