Angelina Jolie & the One Perfume I Have My Eyes On



I did a double-take when I read that Angelina Jolie has signed on to be the new International face for Guerlain. I have been reading a lot about this perfume brand in recent days as I begin developing a new feature on the blog I am thinking of calling A Few of Her Favorite Things. It's all about the things that classic starlets loved... from their favorite dress to their favorite wine. And the Guerlain perfume brand is popping up A LOT.

“It spoke to her, as it does to me, of beauty, history, and quality; one of the oldest perfume houses in the world, from France, a country I love and feel connected to," Jolie said of Guerlain in an interview with Marie Claire.

I will write more on this in the coming months, but for just one example, Rita Hayworth was an avid fan of Guerlain Shalimar. But the list of classic starlet fans is rather long... 

Rita Hayworth's favorite fragrance. Try it  here  (affiliate).

Rita Hayworth's favorite fragrance. Try it here (affiliate).

It's interesting because I have often considered Angelina Jolie one of the modern-day actresses that could hold her weight against the icons of old... she has an undeniable charisma that reaches through the screen, and I have heard from people in the know that in person it is even more potent.

According to their site, "Mon Guerlain" has notes of lavender, sandalwood, vanilla, and jasmine. It sounds delicious. I have yet to find it in any store I have visited though, and I am not necessarily one to buy a perfume online off-the-cuff without trying it.... but I will update this entry if I do! 

In the meantime, you can see the ad "Notes of a Woman" below... and by the way, I challenge anyone to watch this and still believe the off-the-shoulder look is dead

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