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Ringing in 2019 with New Year's Resolutions Inspired by Hollywood

It's that time of year again -- what's on your list of things to get done in 2018? 

Much has been written about New Years. The psychology behind it, the shoulds and should nots. I had no idea what I could possibly add to the conversation, to be honest. We all know the basics on how to keep them:  

  • Make them achievable.
  • Set short-term milestones. 
  • Have an accountability partner, or app.
  • Enjoy the journey. 
  • And so on... 
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Hollywood Glamour & Starlight: Your Top 6 Favorite Posts in 2017

Well, it seems to be that time of year again -- I am sitting in Downtown Los Angeles, where from my balcony I can hear the sounds of the city. Grand Park is not too far away, and they are already advertising New Year's Eve festivities. And at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, one of my perennial favorites, Post-Modern Jukebox will be playing. 

The hubby and I have our own traditions. One includes pouring a glass of champagne and watching the top 10 viral videos, top 10 news stories, top 10 music videos... you get the idea. It is our own little year in review session. 

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