Decorate Like a Femme Fatale: Ava Gardner's Flea Market Chic

Ava Gardner never felt quite at home in Hollywood, but soon found her place in Madrid, a city she once said, resembled herself. 

Embracing its culture of bullfighting and flamenco, she moved into a home in La Moraleja. She took her time decorating it, hand picking antiques she gathered from local markets. I love that she did this! 

Read on for some interior design inspiration, and if you want to see photos of Ava's homes, there are some good ones on this blog here. 


Items Inspired by Ava Gardner's Style

edgar-degas-interior-design-cover-55_days-peking-cover_toreador_charlton-heston-coconut-cake-birthday-fracas-fragrance-perfume-ava-gardner-classic-golden-age-cinema-hollywood-fashion-inspiration-marilyn-monroe-1940s-1930s-beautiful .jpg


Ava's first home was a pink house above Nichols Canyon in LA. She chose a series of Degas' dancing girls for her bedroom. 



She lined her walls with massive walnut bookcases, filled with titles from classic literature, many of which she had read. 

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marilyn monroe red couch


Ava's home in Madrid contained an extensive collection of Jazz and Flamenco CDs. 

louis-toreador_charlton-heston-coconut-cake-birthday-fracas-fragrance-perfume-ava-gardner-classic-golden-age-cinema-hollywood-fashion-inspiration-marilyn-monroe-1940s-1930s-beautiful .jpg


Ava filled her new home with Louis XV furniture such as this one; typified by its ornate carvings, I bet they looked gorgeous. 

green-lamp-louis-toreador_charlton-heston-coconut-cake-birthday-fracas-fragrance-perfume-ava-gardner-classic-golden-age-cinema-hollywood-fashion-inspiration-marilyn-monroe-1940s-1930s-beautiful .jpg

Green lamPSHADES

Ava seemed to love green lampshades -- you see many of her lamps featuring this color following her from home to home, in fact. And every room seemed to have a lamp with a green lamp shade! Were they to match her green eyes? 

Marilyn MOnroe table



Need more interior design inspiration from bombshells of golden hollywood? 

Several notes in the spirit of doing the right thing... Ava Gardner did NOT endorse any of the products listed here, but based upon my research they look very similar to things she actually owned (you can see the original photos from her house with some Internet searching). That said, if you buy from any of the links included above rather than going straight to the vendor site from Google or another search engine, I get a portion of your purchase at no cost to you.