End of January! Modern Headlines from the Month Served with a Classic Hollywood Twist

Greetings fellow Classic Hollywood fans! We made it through the first month of 2018. By now we have either stuck to our New Years resolutions or let them fade to black. How did it go?

January is a month of beginnings -- we are still looking to the year ahead. I hope you don't let that "Happy New Years" energy disappear as we get into February. It's never too late to re-commit to being your best self -- which in my opinion, ultimately means your happiest-get-out-there-and-make-the-world-a-more-awesome-place self. 

In the meantime, enjoy the stories that inspired me this month, including a little bit of ...

Classic Hollywood Living in a $48k a Night "Princess Grace" Suite, a Marilyn Monroe mini-series, and 36 "scientifically proven" questions to make anyone fall in love with you just in time for Valentine's Day 

If you have a spare 50k lying around, here's something you can use it on -- one night in this elaborate suite in Monaco. It is named after Grace Kelly. 

If you are on a budget, you can opt for a cruise around the Galapagos on her former yacht instead. 


A new mini-series about the ultimate Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe is in the works. 

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It bears reminding.... if you want to try out some of the cocktails of your favorite Classic Hollywood stars but in a cheaper way try Hooch. You basically get a free cocktail EVERY DAY at participating bars around town. And some of these bars are NICE, we're talking "we would have paid $16 for that fancy cocktail" nice. The subscription costs $9 a month, but you can get the first month for 99 cents using this promo code: drunkrabbits

Here are the cities they currently operate in: 

New York City · San Francisco · Hong Kong · Los Angeles · Miami · Dallas · Austin · New Jersey · Phoenix · San Diego

In other news...Valentine's Day haters skip this. Everyone else, do you need a date in time for this ubiquitous heart-themed holiday? Try this out. 

...and a few things you may have missed from She Wore Stars!

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xoxo -- Steffi