Clark Gable, Carole Lombard, & the Ghost Stories of the Pioneer Saloon

A few weeks ago my hubby accepted a weekend gig officiating tennis in Las Vegas. For some reason, I strangely adore the trip across the desert: the occasional Joshua tree, the weird roadside diners, the site of the Vegas Strip lighting up the horizon. 

Since I was going to have a lot of time to myself, I made a list of things to do. The secret pizza joint at the Cosmopolitan, a day poolside at the Paris Hotel, and finally, a little jaunt out to what some call...

The Most Haunted Place in America

An avid Carole Lombard fan, I felt a certain reverence visiting this place. Perhaps it is because I just finished reading Fireball, which details the story of her tragic death in a plane crash. 

They say the ghosts of Carole and Clark linger here. As the nearest watering hole to Mt. Petosi, It is, after all, where the reporters waited for news of any survivors from the nearby crash.

Many fan groups would say poppycock. They argue that the legend saying the cigar burns in the bar come from a distraught Gable is just that -- a story. They scoff at the "ghost hunting" overnight adventures, where one can spend the night in the Pioneer Inn alongside a psychic.

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Still, there was something palpable here -- a feeling of loss and sadness pervaded the place, in spite of the loud music and traveling dune buggies.

So I decided to take a video using poor selfie-technology in the middle of the wind-swept desert. So bear with me -- watch below to hear my two-cents on the Pioneer Saloon:


In a lively Facebook debate that occurred after I posted this, the vast majority of comments expressed their belief that Clark Gable was too upset to go anywhere near a crowded bar after the TWA crash. I can see their point. 

Still, location means everything -- perhaps Gable wanted to be as close to Lombard as he could, and the Pioneer Inn was as close as he could get. 

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