Debbie Reynolds Tribute: How Very Special Are We.

When I heard the news last night that Debbie Reynolds had passed away, my heart felt the loss of yet another Hollywood great. I was reminded of a chance meeting I had with her a few years back. I had gone to a bar in Los Angeles, completely unaware it was popular with many of the Classic Hollywood film set. To my surprise, she was there enjoying a little bit of jazz and dinner with her friends. 

She was so kind and gracious to me, Lil' Miss Starstruck who had grown up watching her in so many films, my favorite being Tammy and the Bachelor. (A cute "Serendipity" feeling film that just makes everything happier.) 


Browsing through photos of her in her more candid shots, I am touched by her big smile and unpretentious, courageous heart.

To quote the immortal words of Charlotte the spider, whom she voiced in the 1973 animated film version:

How very special are we
For just a moment to be
Part of life’s eternal rhyme
— Charlotte the Spider (Voiced by Debbie Reynolds)

RIP Debbie. You will be missed!