New Year's Resolutions Inspired by Silver Screen Icons

It's that time of year again -- what's on your list of things to get done in 2018? 

Much has been written about New Years. The psychology behind it, the shoulds and should nots. I had no idea what I could possibly add to the conversation, to be honest. We all know the basics on how to keep them:  

  • Make them achievable.
  • Set short-term milestones. 
  • Have an accountability partner, or app.
  • Enjoy the journey. 
  • And so on... 

It seems every day I am reading about a new celebrity and their resolution for the New Year. It seems "eat less pizza" and "do more yoga" are the go-to's for 2018, along with the perennial favorite of "lose weight".  Not much seems to have changed there. But it got me curious -- if New Year's Resolutions are as old as time itself, what did the stars of the silver screen want to better about themselves?

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I ran across this article from a 1941 edition of Good Housekeeping. It details New Year's Resolutions from some of the biggest stars of the day.  It turns out Jimmy Stewart wanted to gain weight in the New Year. 

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Some are whimsical. Ann Sheridan wanted to, "...learn to cook something besides ham steak and fried potatoes." Spencer Tracy wanted to learn to be a "great actor". And amongst the list, a few that stick... 


These gems are from fierce women. Marlene Dietrich said, "Despite what I read in the papers about the various Marlene Dietrichs, I resolve always to be myself, and not to let them influence me!"

And Carole Lombard, "In these unpredictable times," she says, "the best of resolutions may not be good for a whole year. So if I have a resolution of any kind, it is to try to live each day intelligently, and to prepare to meet the future, come what may to me and my country, sanely, calmly, and with courage."

So with that in mind, I created my own New Year's list. 

Live fearlessly. 

That's it for me in 2018. I think it is going to be harder than it seems. 

What about you? What are your goals for the New Year? 

Whatever they are, good luck to you and yours. 

XO -- Stef


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