9 Must-See Father's Day Movies From Classic Hollywood

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Father's Day is coming -- why not treat dad to a movie night? Stack one or two of these classics amongst your Star Wars and Indiana Jones lineup. 



Based on the Rudyard Kipling novel, this is a coming-of-age story adventure film from MGM. Here's a bit of trivia: When Spencer Tracy received his Oscar statuette for this movie, he was surprised to find it inscribed to comic-strip hero Dick Tracy. Can anyone say La-La Land debacle? 


To Kill A Mockingbird

So many children, and pet dogs, and pet cats, etc. are named after the iconic Atticus Finch; and we can't imagine anyone else playing the role than Gregory Peck. 


One of my all-time favorites, and one of the few classic films that I have been able to get a Gen Y-er to sit through without fidgeting. Clifton Webb's stoicism is beyond charming. 

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William Powell is the loveable curmudgeonly father of his 1880s household in this classic.

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Father Goose

I've heard that Cary Grant claimed this film was one of his favorite projects, and most reflected his personality in real life. 

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Father of the BRide

No Father's Day film list is complete without this classic. 

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Father's Little Dividend

This follow-up to Father of the Bride lacks the original's savvy, but free to stream on Amazon, it is still worth a watch! 

parent-trap-i remember mama classic-golden-age-cinema-hollywood-fashion-inspiration-marilyn-monroe-1940s-1930s-beautiful .jpeg

The Parent Trap

Lighter fare than some of the other films on this list, Brian Keith's performance as the somewhat henpecked father makes this a perfect choice for Father's Day.

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Featured products are independently selected and linked to for practicality. If you buy something using a link on this page, She Wore Stars may receive a small share of that sale.