9 Classic Hollywood "Spring" Movies to Check Off Your List this Month

Next week marks the official beginning of Spring, so I'm beginning a movie marathon all things flowers and bunnies related. I confess, many of the films below are completely new to me, so I am excited to discover them. Won't you join me on a little garden stroll through the Golden Age of Cinema? 

I haven't seen Easter Parade yet, but the premise is that a nightclub performer (Fred Astaire) hires an inexperienced chorus girl (Judy Garland) to prove to his former partner that he can make anybody a star. It sounds like a vintage musical version of She's All That.

Click here to watch Easter Parade

What is more fitting for springtime than strolling through a chalkboard art garden on a "Jolly Holiday" with our favorite nanny?

Click here to watch Mary Poppins

Not very many people can get away with having an imaginary friend and not be creepy, but I have a feeling Jimmy Stewart can. Wait... or is the bunny imaginary? Guess I will have to watch it to find out.

Click here to watch Harvey


Naughty Marietta is one of my all-time favorite classic films, so I am excited to see this operetta from the magnificent Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald team!

Click here to watch Maytime

Ok, technically this one could go for any season with its year-round musical frolics, but the song I always remember chants "Spring, spring, spring!!!" so I am including it here.

Click here to watch Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

I haven't seen it yet but I am told it is very "Spring" appropriate, perhaps because... well... bunnies?

Click here to watch Watership Down


Anything with Doris Day in it is a winner with me.

Click here to watch April in Paris


Haven't seen it, but the tagline reads: "It's mile-high fun when those frollicking romancers go romping -- under the mountain moon! Even the Rockies rock with rhythm and laughter!"

Click here to watch Springtime in the Rockies

It Happens Every Spring

Another I haven't seen, but the premise is basically this: what can a mad-scientist to with his new discovery of wood-repellant baseballs?

Click here to watch It Happens Every Spring


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