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She Wore Stars is the fashion/Hollywood/lifestyle blog of Stefanie Cosman, a lover of a good story, especially if it comes after a magical train ride or flight to an exotic destination.

The name "She Wore Stars" comes from the stars of today and yesterday, the people they inspired, the outfits they wore, the food they ate, the way they became legends, and the way their lives were "stars" in both a figurative and literal sense. 

Armed with a knowledge of the classic film actresses/songbirds and their life stories, her trusty Android, and Eliza, her pet cat, she will seek out star-studded stories both past and present... join her on this bizarre magic carpet ride, as she literally wears the legends of yesteryear and teaches you how to channel your own inner bombshell.

Recommended Reading on Hollywood Starlets & Lore

Every night I read a little bit from 2-3 books, and something on Old Hollywood is always on my list. Below are some of the books I have read in the past that I can recommend... and if you use these links to purchase them, I get a portion, so if you do THANK YOU DAHHHHLING!!!!!!! No seriously, I appreciate you helping me keep the site going. :) 

Doris Day: The Untold Story of the Girl Next Door -- This book was a joy to read... I loved the references to local eateries in Los Angeles that still exist!

Screwball: The Life of Carole Lombard -- I adore Carole Lombard and this book truly did her justice. 

If This Was Happiness -- A little more controversial in its statements and version of events, but still an entertaining read. 

Platinum Girl -- Jean Harlow is another character I adore. The photos in this book are stunning as well. 

Lucy & Desi: The Legendary Story of Television's Most Famous Couple -- So far, this is my favorite book about the pair... it doesn't go a whole lot into the show itself, with a stronger focus on their life before I Love Lucy.