The history of spirits is rich indeed, full of mystery, lore, and laughter. The Barkeeps at She Wore Stars believe everyone (over 21 anyway!) deserves to spoil themselves on the finer points of spiritous libations, without spending an arm and a leg (the average person spends over $80 on a typical night out!). 

You don't need hours of bartending courses or parsing through online recipes to have fun in your own humble mixology kitchen. It just takes a few tricks of the trade. 

Travel to a time of silent film stars, bathtub gin, and speakeasies. By the time you're done, you may never order a vodka-cranberry again. These cocktails are that delicious. 

Get ready to boost your mixology IQ -- effortlessly. 


  • Shopping List with 12 Ingredients that you will transform into 7 cocktails (most you probably already have in your kitchen)

  • A Quick Start Guide from The Barkeeps on choosing spirits from the top shelf or the bottom shelf (this challenge is Bourbon & Gin focused... no Vodka or Rum)

  • 7 Recipes & a bit of Cocktail Lore, all delivered right to your Inbox

  • Tips on experimenting with techniques & flavors balance to improve the cocktail to make it perfectly yours, once you have learned the "original" recipe. 

...and by the way it's FREE! 

Are you ready to join our growing community of cocktail enthusiasts? 

Learn 7 vintage libation recipes with our FREE Cocktail Time Machine Adventure!

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